Training Days 2021 "Reach for the Summit" Agenda

The table below lists the 76 Technical Sessions presented at RMOUG's Virtual Training Days 2021 conference.

All these sessions were recorded except for the 5 sessions displayed in orange in the list below.

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Training Days Sessions Recorded

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The 5 sessions displayed in orange in the list below were not recorded.

Time MST Presentation Title Speaker Topic
Mon Feb 8

1:00-2:00 Welcome & Opening Keynote: The Man Behind the AI Curtain Craig Shallahamer – OraPub, Inc. AI/ML, Database Admin
2:15-3:10 Comparing Amazon RDS Oracle Database with Oracle Autonomous Database Biju Thomas – Data Intensity Cloud, Database Admin
2:15-3:10 Journey to Oracle 19c in 3 Months? 3 Weeks? 3 Hours? 3 Days?  Sebastian Samala & Timothy Mishek – State of Colorado, Gov-OIT, Database Services Database Admin
2:15-4:10 Oracle 19c Multitenant Hands-on Workshop Gavin Soorma – Reserve Bank of Australia Database Admin
2:15-4:10 Oracle Workloads on Azure Cloud Kellyn Gorman – Microsoft Cloud, Database Admin
2:15-4:10 Turning Text into Gold Bill Inmon – Forest Rim Technology Emerging, Analytics
3:15-4:10 MySQL 8.0 New Features Dave Stokes – Oracle Open-Source, Database Admin
3:15-4:10 Oracle Analytics & Spatial Studio, Like Peanut Butter & Chocolate: Better Together Wayne Van Sluys – interRel Consulting Analytics/Big Data
Tues Feb 9

9:30-10:25 A Gentle Introduction to Polymorphic Table Functions Patrick Barel – Qualogy App Development
9:30-10:25 REST in Peace: Administration of an Oracle Cluster/Database Using REST Christian Gohmann – Trivadis Germany GmbH Database Admin
9:30-11:25 Code with Honor: On the Importance & Beauty of Software Programming Lucas Jellema – AMIS | Conclusion Professional Development
9:30-11:25 Hidden Gems of Performance Tuning: Hierarchical Profiler & DML Trigger Optimization Michael Rosenblum – Dulcian, Inc.  App Development
9:30-11:25 High-Availability, Resiliency & Elasticity in Your Kubernetes Clusters Rishi Johari, Sherwood Zern – Oracle Emerging, Development
10:30-11:25 Getting Started with NoSQL using Apache Cassandra Nikhil Karnik – DataStax Security
10:30-11:25 Securing Linux Erik Benner – Mythics Security
12:00-12:30 Database Migrations: Seamless & Smooth Sailing Valli Ramanathan – Attain, LLC Database Admin
12:00-12:30 Lost in Translation: On Shortuts, Substitutions & Text Messages Roel Hartmann – APEX Consulting APEX, Development
12:00-12:30 Oracle Database 12c, 18, 19 for Developers Alex Nuijten – allAPEX Development
12:00-12:30 Terraforming the Cloud with OCI Resource Manager Roopesh Ramklass – Eclipsys Cloud, Development
12:00-12:30 You Printed My Bank Statements?! – Oracle APEX Pixel Perfect Reports Brandon Webb – Datavail APEX, Development
12:45-1:40 A New Culture of Innovation with ML Craig Kelly – Syntax Cloud Solutions Cloud, AI/ML, Emerging
12:45-1:40 Tips & Tricks: Linux Best Practices & Automation for DBAs Charles Kim – Viscosity North America Automation, Database Admin
12:45-2:40 Deploying & Maintaining a Polyglot Microservices App on a Managed Kubernetes Solution Adao Oliveira Junior – Oracle Emerging, Development
12:45-2:40 Getting Started with Oracle on Docker Sean Scott – Viscosity North America Emerging, Database Admin
12:45-2:40 Implementing an AI Chatbot with Dialogflow Daniel Liu – Google Emerging, Development
1:45-2:40 Analytics Using Feature Selection for Anomaly Detection Roger Cornejo – GlaxoSmithKline Analytics, Database Admin
1:45-2:40 Introducing the Oracle Converged Database Sean Stacey – Oracle Open-Source, Analytics
3:00-3:55 How to Build a Poor Performance Detector Using ML & Python Craig Shallahamer – , OraPub, Inc. AI/ML,Database Admin
3:00-3:30 PL/SQL 101: Basic Tips for Highly-Performant Code Peter Koletzke – Independent App Development
3:00-3:30 Automating Releases Across the Database Technologies in Your Organization Grant Fritchey – Redgate Software App Development
3:30-4:00 ERP Security Modernization: Combat PeopleSoft and EBS Data Risks Greg Wendt – Appsian Security App Development
Wed Feb 10

9:30-10:25 Turbocharge Your Oracle Installation Frits Hoogland – Accenture Database Admin
9:30-10:25 An Introduction to Cloud Networking Martin Bach – Accenture Enkitec Group Cloud, Administration
9:30-11:25 A Two-Step Process to Detect Insurance Claim Fraud Using ADW, OML, APEX & OAC Charlie Berger – Oracle AI/ML, Analytics
9:30-11:25 APEX Tips & Tune-Up Karen Cannell – TH Technology APEX, Development
9:30-11:25 Deep Dive on OCI: Computer Autoscaling & Key Concepts for Oracle DBAs Marcus Vinicius Miguel Pedro – Accenture Enkitec Group Cloud, Administration
10:30-11:25 Compute Cloud Performance Showdown 18 Months Later: Oracle, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, IBM Ahmed Aboulnaga – Attain Cloud, Administration
10:30-11:25 In-Database ML with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Kai Yu – Dell Technologies, Inc AI/ML, Analytics
12:00-12:55 Finding the Right Fit: Interviewing & Being Interviewed in the DB World Liron Amitzi – GotoDBA Professional, Database Admin
12:00-12:55 Introduction to Google Cloud Spanner for Oracle Practitioners John Darrah – Google Cloud, Emerging
12:00-12:55 Oracle SQL Plan Management (SPM): Your Imperative Performance Tool Gary Gordhamer – Viscosity North America Database Admin
12:00-12:55 Spatial Contact Tracing APIs Included in Every Oracle Database License Daniel Geringer – Oracle Analytics/Big Data
12:00-12:55 What Every DBA Needs to Know About Oracle APEX Francis Mignault – Insum APEX, Database Admin
1:00-1:55 Converged Database is Oracle’s Best Kept Secret Rich Niemiec, Jim Czuprynski, Nitin Vengurlek – Viscosity NA Database Admin
1:00-1:55 Moving to the Cloud with Minimum Downtime Using Oracle ZDM Gleb Otochkin – Eclipsys Database Admin
1:00-1:55 Powerful Pair: An Introduction to Jupyter Notebooks with Python Nadir Doctor – Consulting Emerging, Analytics
1:00-1:55 Role Models & Sponsors Kellyn Gorman – Microsoft Professional
1:00-1:55 The Differences Between OBIA, EPM, OTBI & the New FAW ERP Gustavo Gonzalez – IT Convergence Analytics/Big Data
2:15-3:10 Fast & Furious: Handling Edge Computing Data with Oracle 19c Fast Ingest & Fast Lookup Jim Czuprynski – Zero Defect Computing, Inc. Emerging, Database Admin
2:15-3:10 Our Dashboarding Tool of Choice is… APEX! Michelle Hardwick – Salt Lake Community College APEX, Analytics/Big Data
2:15-4:10 Hands-on with Close Manager Kelly Green – Datavail Analytics/Big Data
2:15-4:10 Oracle on Docker: Intermediate & Advanced Recipes Sean Scott – Viscosity North America Emerging, Database Admin
3:15-4:10 My First 100 Days with OCI Rene Antunez – Pythian Cloud, Database Admin
3:15-4:10 Understanding & Working with Multimedia Types from First Principles On Any Oracle Database Architecture, Including the  Cloud Marcelle Kaye – Piction Multimedia, App Development
Thurs Feb 11

9:30-10:25 Managing Unstructured Data: LOBs in a JSON World Michael Rosenblum – Dulcian, Inc. App Development
9:30-10:25 On the way to the “Least Privilege Principle” – Privilege Analysis with the Oracle Database Markus Flechtner – Trivadis Germany GmbH Database Admin
9:30-10:25 The Changing Role of the DBA Osama Mustafa – Gurus Solutions Professional, Database Admin
9:30-10:25 Top 5 Tips for Modern UI Design Peter Koletzke – Independent App Development
9:30-11:25 Practical Use of Active Session History David Kurtz – Go-Faster Consultancy Database Admin
10:30-11:25 50 Shades of Data: How, When & Why Big, Relational, NoSQL, Elastic, Graph, Event  Lucas Jellema – AMIS | Conclusion Open-Source, Analytics/Big Data
10:30-11:00 Oracle Cloud Resources You Need to Know for Data Migration Success Jackie Chen – Premier International Cloud, Data Management
10:30-11:25 Using JSON Effectively in Oracle Database Michael Haynes – TCGplayer App Development
10:30-11:25 Zero-Downtime Application Upgrades with EBR Made Easy Oren Nakdimon – DB Oriented App Development
11:00-12:00 New AWS EC2 Capabilities for 3x higher Oracle DB/RAC Performance Art Danielov – FlashGrid Inc. Database Admin
11:00-11:30 PostgreSQL: What You Need to Know Jessica Braxton – RheoData Open-Source, Database Admin
11:30-12:00 Metadata: The Key to User Engagement Jon Mead – Rittman Mead BI/Analytics, Data Management
12:00-12:55 CI/CD for Oracle Database & APEX Developers Brian Spendolini – Oracle APEX, Automation,Development
12:00-12:55 DevOps for DBAs: Deploy Oracle 19c Build Using Vagrant in One Command Kosseila Haddalene – Eclipsys Automation, Database Admin
12:00-12:55 Oracle GoldenGate Big Data & Google Cloud Storage Bobby Curtis – RheoData Cloud, Analytics/Big Data
12:00-12:55 What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA) & Why Should You Care? Mia Urman – AuraPlayer Database Admin, Development
12:00-1:55 Visual Builder: The End-to-End Development Experience Shay Shmeltzer – Oracle Cloud, App Development
1:00-1:55 EPM Reporting for the 21st Century Jay Chapman – Sierra-Cedar, Inc. Analytics/Big Data
1:00-1:55 Oracle ERP Consolidation Using Snowflake Andrew Preston – Infosemantics Analytics/Big Data
1:00-1:55 Test (for Cheap!) If Your Application Can Stand Latency to the Cloud Marlin McNeil – Yucca Group LLC Cloud, Database Admin
1:00-1:55 What’s New for Oracle APEX in OCI Todd Bottger, Monica Godoy – Oracle APEX, App Development
2:15-4:10 Keeping Data Safe: Hands-on with Oracle Data Safe Russell Lowenthal – Oracle Security, Database Admin

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