UTOUG's Annual Training Days Conference

03/14/2021 5:52 PM | Anonymous

RMOUG is a big supporter of the "other" Oracle User Group on the west side of the Rocky Mountains - UTOUG (Utah Oracle Users Group).

UTOUG also hosts an annual "Training Days" conference.   It is being held virtually on March 17 and 18th.  For more information see: https://utoug.org/

We hope they have a great conference!


  • 03/14/2021 7:14 PM | Anonymous
    These are some of the sessions being offered which may be helpful and interesting for your professional empowerment and work projects:

    Body Language for Virtual Interviews|Jeff Baird
    Curves ahead: How emerging technologies impact information security|Robert Lockard
    DBMS_REDEFINITION, A Time-Saving Tool|Marty Booth
    JSON, A Splash of SODA, and a SQL Chaser: Real-World Use Cases for Autonomous JSON Database (AJD)|James Czuprynski
    MySQL High Availability. Patching and Upgrade with No Downtime|Michael Messina
    The Future's So Bright, I Bought A Sunglass Kiosk|James Czuprynski
    Where the %$#^ Is Everybody? Geospatial Solutions For Oracle APEX|James Czuprynski

    For more details and to view their complete agenda, please visit - https://utoug.org/TrainingDays
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