Training Days 2021 Keynote

Craig Shallahamer’s keynote kicked off Training Days with a thought-provoking presentation posing questions about the impact of AI for which there may not be any easy answers.

Here is your peek into “AI and the Man Behind the Curtain” with Craig Shallahamer:

“Creating and delivering both live and recorded video training, I stumbled across a truth that astounded me. People want to be fooled. The deception has to be just “good enough” and we both have a great time. But if it’s too personal and becomes creepy, it’s like a breach of trust has occurred, and you’re being taken advantage of, while the creeper is laughing, you’re not!”

This is just a sample of the many amazing sessions at RMOUG’s Training Days 2021 virtual event!  

Craig Shallahamer is a long-time Oracle DBA specializing in predictive analytics, machine learning, and Oracle performance tuning. He’s a researcher, blogger, consultant, author of two books, an enthusiastic conference speaker, a passionate teacher, and an Oracle ACE Director.

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