Women in Technology Scholarship

  • Applicants for this special annual WIT scholarship must be female, as RMOUG is trying to help encourage more women to consider technology careers in a traditionally male-dominated industry.
  • Scholarships will be awarded on an annual basis
  • The RMOUG Board of Directors may award varying amounts based on the number of qualified scholarship applications received and amounts are within the approved budget not to exceed $1000 annually.
    • This is based on all applicants having submitted their paperwork by the due date and are approved by the scholarship committee and the RMOUG board of directors.
    • Applicant(s) may also be awarded additional scholarship funds if there were scholarship roll-overs from  previous periods that  may have not been disbursed and upon discussion and approval of the RMOUG Board of Directors.
  • If no completed paperwork is submitted by the due date then no funds will be dispersed for this special annual scholarship award program.
  • All scholarship recipients will also receive one complementary RMOUG Training Days Pass for the next regularly scheduled RMOUG Training Days Conference.
  • If the Scholarship Applicant is currently attending High School, then they are only able to apply for an RMOUG scholarship if they are within 9 months of starting their Higher Education Program, selected a School of attendance and have registered with the school.
    • RMOUG requires that students have a School Account with the school they plan on attending so that any potential scholarship funds awarded can be deposited into their School Account.
  • Previous RMOUG Scholarship Recipients are not excluded from applying for future scholarship awards but will be required to submit updated applications.
    • Awarding an additional scholarship award to a previous scholarship recipient will be at the discretion of the RMOUG BOD after appropriate discussions and deliberations on the merits.
    • A New Scholarship Application, Application Statement, Letters of Recommendation and Official School Transcripts must be submitted in order to be considered for any potential additional scholarship awards.
      • If any of the scholarship application documents are not new, such as using the same Letters of Recommendation, Application Statement or School Transcripts, then the applicant will be disqualified for consideration during that scholarship review period.
    • If a Scholarship Applicant applied for an RMOUG Scholarship during a previous scholarship review period but has never received a scholarship award from RMOUG, then they may apply for a future scholarship review period and may reuse application documents that they previously submitted as long as the Scholarship Application itself is updated with correct dates, school and so forth.
      • Scholarship applicants should closely review their application documents to determine if the quality of those application documents may be a reason why the applicant did not receive a scholarship award during the previous scholarship submission review period.
  • The Maximum Lifetime RMOUG Scholarship Award for any Scholarship Recipient is $2000.
    • This can be accomplished through multiple scholarship awards while the student is still pursuing a degree.
    • If a Previous Scholarship Recipient applies again they must also be able to show that they have progressed forward with additional course work before they can be considered for any possible additional scholarship awards.  This would be demonstrated through a comparison of the School Transcripts submitted from the previous scholarship award and the School Transcripts submitted for a Future Scholarship Review Period.
  • Complete applications include:
    • A completed RMOUG Scholarship Application including:
      • School and Program of Attendance
      • Start Date / Dates of School Attendance
    • A copy of Official School Transcripts that must be received by RMOUG by the quarterly due date. Preferably with the transcripts being emailed securely from your school to RMOUG using the following email addresses: (“President@rmoug.org”; “ScholarshipDir@rmoug.org”; “Peggy.King@rmoug.org”)
      • Alternatively the school can send them by mail to Rocky Mountain Oracle Users Group (RMOUG)  P.O. Box 10142 Scottsdale, AZ 85271-0142
      • Student must have a Minimum GPA of 2.5 from current transcript
    • At least one  Letter of Recommendation (LOR), preferably from an IT instructor that can be emailed or mailed to RMOUG and must be received  by the due date.
      • Additional LOR’s from other general sources regarding the character and so forth may be submitted as well and can help strengthen a scholarship application.
        • LOR’s from IT Instructors or from IT Business Professionals with which you have taken classes or have worked to carry the most weight in our review process.
          • A maximum of 4 Letters of Recommendation may be submitted.
    • An email or letter (“Application Statement”)  from the applicant that must be received by the quarterly due date with the “Application Statement” at least addressing the following topics:
      • Applicant’s intent to pursue a career in the Information Technology field
      • Academic achievements within Computer Science/Information Technology curriculums
      • Personal experiences as it relates to Information Technologies
    • Scholarship Applicants are also highly encouraged to provide additional information in their Application Statements that they feel will help personalize their application.


  • Complete applications with all of the required paperwork  must be received by:
    • December 15th for an annual scholarship distribution,


Scholarship Award

After the scholarship is awarded, the payee for the scholarship check that is distributed will be (written) to a College, University or Technical Schools Student/Financial Aid Department and then the check will be mailed to the school along with the Students Name and School Id for proper disbursement to the Student’s Account.

    Due to the above requirement, a Scholarship Applicant must be registered with the school they plan to attend at the time of the scholarship award distribution and must have a Student ID so that funds can be properly deposited to their School Account.

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