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Oracle Partitioning for DBAs and Developers: Why, When and How To Use I

  • 04/13/2021
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Online

Oracle Partitioning for DBAs and Developers:
Why, When and How To Use It

Speaker: Franky Faust

Most VLDBs should use partitioning and in today's world scaling up and out a database is something critical, so every DBA and Developer should work together to accomplish this task. Partitioning may help the application run faster and also help DBAs to perform their work easier. The partitioning feature exists in Oracle since version 8 and since then it is being enhanced each new version.

From 12cR2 up to 19c we have new features that make our life much easier. We will see some of these enhancements implemented until Oracle 19c. The main goal here is to show some use cases with different types of partitioning and mainly present scenarios which we should use and scenarios we should not use partitioning.

When we think of partitioning we should think that we have a big task and it would be interesting to split it in many small ones. In some cases this will ease our work, but in others it will make it harder. We can improve performance and maintainability, but in many cases we can also ruin everything, that is why we should care about this subject and give importance to it.

We go through the following topics:

  • Partitioning benefits
  • Types of partitioning
  • Range, Interval, Hash and List partitioning
  • The execution plan
  • Partitioning maintenance operations

Meet the Speaker:  Franky Faust
Franky works for Pythian as Senior Oracle Database Consultant. He has extensive knowledge in Oracle Exadata and High Availability technologies and in other databases like SnowflakeDB, MySQL, Cassandra and SQL Server.

He is always improving his skills focusing on researching Oracle performance and HA. Franky has been involved in some major implementations of multi node RAC in AIX, Linux and Exadata and multi-site DataGuard environments. He is OCP 12c, OCE SQL, OCA 11g, OCS Linux 6 and RAC 12c and was nominated Oracle ACE in 2017.

He is well known in the Brazilian community for his blog  http://loredata.com.br/blog and for all the contribution he provides to the Oracle Brazilian community. Franky is also a frequent writer for OTN and speaker at some Oracle and database conferences around the world. Feel free to contact him on social media.

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