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    • 02/18/2021
    • 11/17/2022
    • 21 sessions
    • Web Conference

    Monthly Board of Directors video conference

    All members and volunteers always welcome to join this web conference!

    Get involved and help plan the educational offerings of RMOUG.

    Email membership@rmoug.org for conference link.

    • 02/07/2022
    • 02/10/2022
    • Virtual Conference - details will be provided

    RMOUG Training Days 2022 Virtual Conference 

    Where else but at RMOUG Training Days, can you spend 4 full days leveling up your technical skills in over 100 sessions presented by exceptional Speakers from around the world.

    We’re excited to announce our Conference Agenda is  packed with Quick-Tips, Deep Dives and Technical Sessions covering a wide range of topics, including Analytics, Big Data, Application Development, Cloud Platform Services, Database Administration and more.

    Registration is Open!

    We are looking for volunteers to help as a Virtual Room
    Monitors for Training Days.  Volunteers receive a discounted registration for Training Days 2022 for committing their time to monitor virtual sessions.

    Interested?? Just contact Peggy - peggy.king@rmoug.org

    Become a Training Days 2022 Sponsor 

    Let us bring the attendees to you so that YOU can grow your business!  Join us virtually for Training Days, develop new business relationships, sell more product and get your company name and brand out to the people who use and work with Oracle!

    For details, please contact Melissa - melissa@epsconferences.com

    • 02/07/2022
    • 02/10/2022
    • RMOUG Training Days Virtual Conference

    Let us bring the attendees to you so that

    YOU can grow your business!

    As a sponsor you will have the opportunity to network with DBAs, Developers, Consultants, and Project Managers as well as Managers and Directors.

    • Company info (description, logo) on conference website. 
    • Participation in virtual conference raffle 
    • Post-conference list (Opt-in participants only) & session attendee contact information 
    • Opportunity to engage with the attendee community before, during, and after the event. 
    • Opportunity to participate in pre-event email to attendees with company description & promoting your company. 

      Join us virtually for Training Days, develop new business relationships, sell more product and get your company name and brand out to the people who use and work with Oracle!

      For additional information, please contact Melissa at melissa@epsconferences.com. 

    Past events

    12/15/2021 Automating Security Management in PBCS!
    12/14/2021 Under the Hood of Oracle Autonomous Database
    12/09/2021 Real-World Advice to Enhance E-Business Suite with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
    12/09/2021 RMOUG Sponsored: Viscosity Master Class - Oracle Exadata Expert Panel
    12/08/2021 Oracle 21c : Data Guard Broker New Features
    12/05/2021 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: Free OCI training, plus free certification through Dec 31, 2021.
    11/30/2021 Simplify Oracle Data Validation for Scalable Financial Reporting
    11/18/2021 You Need to git Terraform
    11/17/2021 Actionable Insights with Fusion ERP Analytics (aka Fusion Analytics Warehouse)
    09/23/2021 Fall Educational Workshop: "Running Oracle Databases in Docker Containers"
    09/14/2021 Oracle Developer Live: Java Innovations
    08/26/2021 Oracle Ace Webinar Series - Having Success After Cloud Migration
    08/23/2021 Quest Database Technology Week - FREE
    08/19/2021 Oracle ACE Webinar Series: Insurance Policy for Database Migrations and Upgrades with SharePlex
    08/11/2021 "Combating the Pandemic with Oracle APEX" presented by David Peake
    08/10/2021 Oracle Live: MySQL Database Service—New HeatWave Innovations
    07/29/2021 DataStax Lunch & Learn: Astra DB
    07/28/2021 DataStax Lunch & Learn: Astra DB
    07/22/2021 Training Days 2022 Kickoff Meeting
    07/08/2021 Training Days 2022 Committee (Join Us!)
    06/29/2021 Upgrading to Oracle Database 19c with Autoupgrade
    06/22/2021 POSTGRES VISION 2021 - The Enterprise Postgres Conference
    06/21/2021 ODTUG Virtual Kscope21
    06/15/2021 Manning Live Virtual Event - Developer Productivity
    06/09/2021 Top 10 Recommendations to make Oracle Licensing a breeze
    05/27/2021 Oracle 19c Hands-On Experience: Pluggable Databases are Risen from the Dead
    05/25/2021 Cloud Migration Projects: How to Measure Employee Adoption, Productivity, and Project ROI
    05/19/2021 RMOUG May Annual Membership Meeting and Workshop
    05/11/2021 Data Management Strategy Evolution
    05/11/2021 Are You Stuck in the 1990s? Stop Using CSV File Uploads in Apex
    05/11/2021 What Can You Accomplish with Oracle Database In Memory Features?
    05/11/2021 ODTUG EPM Webinar / Configuring Oracle Projects: The Detail You’ve Always Wanted
    05/11/2021 TechCast Days Spring Session
    05/05/2021 Oracle Cloud - The Ideal Platform for VMware
    05/04/2021 Developer Live! App Dev with Oracle Database
    04/27/2021 Preparing for Oracle 21c
    04/14/2021 Power Business Innovation with a Self-Service Cloud Data Warehouse
    04/13/2021 Oracle Partitioning for DBAs and Developers: Why, When and How To Use I
    04/08/2021 New in Oracle Analytics Spring 2021
    04/08/2021 Oracle 19c Hands-On Experience: Bullet Proof your Data Guard
    04/06/2021 How To Do Unit Tests and Not Go Crazy (and Bankrupt)
    03/30/2021 APEX Grids: Standardize for Productivity and Sanity, Co-Hosted by the New York Oracle Users Group and Viscosity North America
    03/24/2021 RMOUG and Viscosity Webinar - Use, Improve, and Customize Oracle APEX Charts
    03/11/2021 Oracle 19c Hands-On Experience: Performance Tuning
    02/16/2021 NYOUG/Viscosity NA Webinar - Oracle APEX New Features
    02/16/2021 TechCasts Analytics and Data
    02/08/2021 RMOUG Training Days 2021

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