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RMOUG's Board of Directors Candidates for 2023/2024

Board of Directors Qualifications and Biographies

RMOUG is extremely pleased to announce the RMOUG Board of Directors for the 2023-2024 fiscal year. Pursuant to the group's by-laws, the Directors will serve a one year beginning June 1, 2023.

Cam Blazek                   Bobby Curtis                     Nadir Doctor   

Jeff Bugbee                  Kosseila Haddalene                    


Cam Blazek    Linkedin

Campaign Statement

I have enjoyed being a part of the RMOUG community and would enjoy continuing to serve RMOUG on the board. Being a part of the board this past year and seeing first hand the impact the organization delivers drives me to continue to help RMOUG and it’s members grow and provide value. 

I know how important it is to be a part of a community where ideas and experiences can be shared, and the value and impact it can bring to members. As someone who is always looking for information on the technology that I interact with on a day-to-day basis and often more so on technology that I don't interact with but hear about frequently. Finding trusted sources takes time and filtering, building a network and relationships with people takes even more. I place high value on people networks, building teams and relationships. The people in my network have all shaped who I am today. I will forever be grateful to every one of them. I seek to help others continue to build their own networks and help continue the legacy of RMOUG as a trusted and sought-after resource. 

Qualifications and Biography

Cam Blazek grew up in Denver, in and around tech startups from an early age. His professional experience in information technology spans more than 20 years with more than 10 of them working with Oracle's Primavera P6. He enjoys helping businesses adapt and grow with new technologies and platforms. From small tech startups to Fortune 50 organizations Cam has helped businesses mature business processes and delivered leading edge solutions.  

He specializes in operationalizing project management and building business processes around new tools and technology. In recent years he's worked with aviation, automotive, energy, financial, as well as non-profit organizations working to migrate and/or enhance their use of Oracle, Azure, and SalesForce.com solutions. On the side he enjoys helping smaller companies grow their e-commerce businesses. Cam has a long-standing interest in helping organizations improve their use of technology, grow their brand, and improve their end-user experience.  


Bobby Curtis   Linkedin

Campaign Statement

My first exposure to RMOUG came in 2013. I was immediately impressed by the level of information provided to the attendees and have found great value in my daily work efforts. During my interaction with RMOUG, I was asked to join the board in 2013 and 2014, where I helped with expanding RMOUG’s reach via social media.

Since I’ve left Oracle, I’ve been looking for opportunities to be more involved in the regional groups and helped the user group and presenters engage with a broader audience; both regionally and globally. I hope to participate and grow the networking opportunities that RMOUG provides and continue to make RMOUG the best regional user group around!

Qualifications and Biography

Bobby Curtis is the founder and owner of RheoData, a global systems integrator (SI) that focuses on helping customers architect, move, and use data to achieve their business needs. He is a former Oracle GoldenGate Product Manager, an Oracle ACE Director Alumni, a published author, and a frequent blogger. Over the last fifteen years, Bobby has worked for various large-scale consulting firms specializing in creating, maintaining, tuning, and integrating enterprise solutions to solve complex business problems. Bobby hosts a blog, http://dbasolved.com, which is a source of information for solving complex issues related to Oracle technologies, data movement, and DevOps topics. Along with his blog, Bobby is active on Twitter under the handle @DBASolved. During his downtime, Bobby enjoys spending time with his family while traveling to watch his children compete in their respective sports. He is a geek, either writing the next chapters of an upcoming book or looking for technical solutions to solve.

Nadir Doctor    Linkedin

Campaign statement

My organizational, budgeting, communication, motivational, and focus skills lead to success in whatever my mind is put to. I want to bring these skills at the Board level and actively participate to ensure the long-term success of the RMOUG community. Additionally, I do not believe much in the phrase "This is how we have always done it" and look for unique and out-of-the-box solutions. I seek your support in reelection. Thank you.

Qualifications and Biography

Nadir Doctor is a Database Architect and DBA who has worked extensively in consulting with Oracle, Snowflake, MS SQL Server and other databases including various NoSQL flavors on-prem and Cloud. He has presented at various local and international user group events worldwide. He likes mentoring new members and contributes enthusiastically to the community. Nadir is actively involved with local and major vendors building strong relationships.


Jeff Bugbee   Linkedin

Campaign Statement

After 28 years of active and uninterrupted RMOUG membership, I, Jeffrey Bugbee, feel overdue in giving back some of the benefits and guidance that I have received from the best professional organization to which I have belonged.  Please consider this as my announcement for candidacy on the 2023-2024 Rocky Oracle Users Group Board of Directors.

Qualifications and Biography

I am a longtime Coloradan, having received my Geology degree from the University of Colorado in 1983, and starting my career at Texaco, Inc.  Within several years, that morphed into a database support position, and I moved onto Woodward Clyde Environmental as a database administrator.  I first logged into an Oracle database in 1992 and haven’t changed course in the thirty plus years since!  In 1996, I took over as DBA for Petroleum Information, which became IHS in 1998, and eventually Standard & Poor’s in 2022.  I’m up to Oracle 19c nowadays, serving as a Data Analyst for S&P’s Energy division.

I’ve worn multiple Oracle hats during my professional journey having been a DBA, managed a global team of DBAs, developed Oracle applications, and now analyzing Oracle data for the business.  I’ve also done time in the SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and Access worlds along the way – but have always ended up liking Oracle the most, and I’ve immersed in every version of Oracle since 6.0. It’s been mainly RMOUG Training Days that have alerted and taught me about each release since, and I’m thankful for the tips and tricks gained, and the many speaker/experts who have helped me along the way.

So - my 28th straight RMOUG TD two months ago was a time for pause and accept an invitation to run for the Board.  You’ve probably seen me in the RMOUG crowd – attending at least one quarterly meeting every year, plus annual Training Days.  I’ve served as a Registration Ambassador, Room Monitor, Abstract Reviewer, and Session host – and sat through by my estimation, over 400 technical RMOUG sessions.  Along the way, I’ve accumulated a very good sense of member preferences, hot technologies, marketable database skills, and what makes a winning (or losing) Oracle presentation.

More than anything, I’ve gained a real appreciation for the value of RMOUG, and the hard work that many have put forth to make and keep it one of the most successful Oracle user groups in the world.  I’m hoping that my boardship will be meaningful and that my efforts will help RMOUG to continue its mission in serving the regional Oracle community.


Kosseila Haddalene     Linkedin

Campaign Statement

One of the things that stood out to me about RMOUG was the focus on inclusivity and bringing in younger voices with fresh perspectives. The organization clearly values the importance of diverse viewpoints and creating a platform for those voices to be heard. This is something that is truly rare in the speaking industry, which can often prioritize hype/(Big 'ol Names) over substance.

The conference has truly inspired me to pursue a career as a speaker. The opportunity to share  ideas and insights with such a diverse and engaged audience has been truly rewarding for professionals, attendees and speakers . 

I am very glad to have joined the user group from 2020 grateful for the support and encouragement the team keeps giving.

Qualifications and Biography

More than 16 years of IT experience, including 12 in Oracle and 3 in SQL Server technologies. His technical background spans the telecommunications, healthcare, and banking industries. He is an OCP , Oracle RAC and Data Guard Certified Expert, which positioned him as a high-availability MAA specialist.

He is an avid blogger and passionate about virtualisation and devops along with Multi-cloud platforms.
virtualbox, vagrant, terraform are his sacred tools to learn and share new stuff (see his vagrant builds, terraform examples in He is GitHub).

He is now specializing in Cloud computing where he already has been certified on all four Cloud providers (OCI, AWS, Azure and Google Cloud) along with DevOps(Hashicorp Terraform, CI/CD) to better assist customers. 


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